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Why not treat yourself? Yes, Please!

Posted on January 29 2018

 I’m a believer in treating oneself. I absolutely LOVE to bestow gifts upon those I care about. But, I think it is also a very rewarding experience to buy myself a treat now and then as well. Setting aside a bit of money to buy myself a little something special every now and then is a just a good feeling, plain and simple. On certain holidays it's something that has become somewhat of a tradition. My husband does not give gifts of jewelry for Christmas or Valentine's Day. (He seems to think that I have enough jewelry already - crazy notion!) So, I buy myself a little treat on those occasions. Why not? I work very hard...don't most of us work very hard?

Everyone who knows me, knows my love for jewelry; it is the ideal self-purchase, in my opinion! Jewelry, fine or fashion, gold, silver or rose gold, embellished with gemstones or not...I LOVE it all! Why wait for someone to buy me the necklace, earrings or bracelet of my dreams if I can buy it for myself? The best part of a self-purchase of jewelry is that I know I will love it. Now ladies, let's be meaningful and special as a gift of jewelry is, haven't we all received something at some point that was not exactly what we wanted? Not a problem when we treat ourselves. 

A true gift to yourself sets itself apart from an impulse buy. It should be something unique that elicits an emotional response. It's even better, if the piece has a special deeper meaning, like a beautiful cross or ancient style coin pendant. Do I need it? Of course not. Does it make me feel really good and will I enjoy wearing it? Yes. Will I keep thinking about it or forget about it after I walk (or scroll away) away? That's important to me. There are so many glittery things out there that I think I want but are easily forgotten. Other pieces, I keep pondering. Those are the ones to go for. 

Lastly, a topic that is not the most fun but necessary, the "B" word, Budget. The last thing you want to feel after treating yourself to a delectable little goody is that pang of regret and remorse for spending more money than you really should have. Be sure to budget ahead of time to ensure that you know what your limitations are. If you do, you will feel totally happy and comfortable with your purchase. You will be fully able to enjoy that special gift. Happy shopping ladies!

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