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News Article on B.BéNI Co-Founders - Mom/Daughter Team

Posted on August 01 2016

B.BéNI Inspirational Jewelry Mom & Daughter Team Has Success Working Coast to Coast.

                                                                       Diane Beloncik Christian inspirational jewelryDiane Beloncik Christian inspirational jewelry
Jewelry Company B.BéNI's Mother & Daughter Co-founders Use Modern Technology To Connect From Coast to Coast and Create A Unique Inspirational Jewelry Line. Many years in the jewelry industry led B.BéNI's co-founders, Massachusetts resident Diane Dale and her daughter Taryn, to the realization that something was lacking in the world of jewelry - really spectacular and on-trend, high quality, inspirational jewelry. They developed a passion to fill that void and now produce a line of very unique, high quality inspirational jewelry with a modern day approach. The jewelry is manufactured in Rhode Island, “the jewelry capital” of the United States.

B.BéNI's jewelry making process uses computer aided drafting technology to create their one-of-a-kind designs. Each piece is their own original design that started with a simple sketch, which is then transferred to a CAD design and then to a solid model. A cast piece is then made from the solid model. The technological approach to this jewelry business does not end there however. 

B.BéNI is a partnership between Diane and her daughter, Taryn. It is a unique partnership, in that Diane is located on the East Coast, while her daughter is located on the West Coast. The two spend hours on the phone, face chatting and sharing photos. In their view, the distance between them is barely a factor. In fact, the CAD jewelry designer for B.BeNI is even farther away; he resides in the Canary Islands!

  "We feel so grateful that because of modern technology we are able to have a jewelry business together that would have been virtually impossible 20 years ago. The distance between all of us has actually made this journey a more interesting one. Meeting our CAD designer (via the internet) from across the world and working together as a team to create our jewelry line has been a rewarding adventure."

At one time, small businesses had to think small. Not anymore. In addition to connecting business partners like Diane and Taryn across the miles, the internet has provided a way for businesses to connect with potential customers. In years past, businesses relied on in-person meetings, telephone conversations, and standard mail. Now we can communicate quickly and personally, even from a great distance. Diane and her daughter are a perfect example of this type of communication; not only do they have the ability to connect with each other but also in being able to reach out to retail outlets nationwide. Their efforts are paying off and B.BéNI is starting to be sold in stores in various parts of the United States. 

"Our dream is to see B.BéNI Jewelry sold in boutiques and department stores across the country. Years ago this would have been a very difficult task and would have involved many miles of travel. We are so grateful that in today’s world things can be accomplished in such a different and much easier way!"

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