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Celebrate the Resurrection with Inspirational Christian Jewelry

Posted on January 31 2016

Enjoying Christian Jewelry is a Great Way to Celebrate your Faith! 

The time of year to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ is coming! Like no other day, it is a day of joy as we celebrate that Jesus conquered death once and for all so that we can be part of God's kingdom, both for this life, and for eternity. Inspirational Christian jewelry offers many ways ways to remember not only the fact that Jesus is no longer dead, but also the life-changing significance of the resurrection. It is a lasting way to celebrate the joy and to remind ourselves of the profound meaning of Jesus having risen from the dead. 


Of all the choices that inspirational Christian jewelry offers, cross pendants often portray the matchless joy of the resurrection most clearly. We have many different cross pendant to choose from. From bold and glamorous designs to simple and elegant. Take a look at our necklace collections and see if one of the cross pendants doesn't speak to you. One of my personal favorites is "Keturah" featured in the Colliers Courts collection.  The name Keturah means sacrifice. The gemstone center is bloodstone. The legend of bloodstone is that is was first formed when drops of Jesus' blood fell and stained some jasper at the foot of the cross. Very meaningful indeed! Let's not forget cross charm bangles as well. We have many crosses to choose from in our Bracelets de Charme collection. Don't forget to take a look at those as well. 

 He is risen! Enjoy our collection of inspirational Christian jewelry and be blessed! 

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