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Layer those necklaces-Tips on how to layer for the right look

Posted on September 19 2015

Layering Your Necklaces For a Chic & Trendy Look!

Let's face it, layering is very "Hot" right now. Whether it is completing a great outfit or dressing up a plain white tee, layering your necklaces is a great way to make a fashion statement. But (with a big "B") layering correctly for a look that is AMAZING is easier said than done.

Most of us have gone somewhere and seen the woman with the perfectly layered necklaces (If she happens to be reading this, no need to read any more). We have stared at her necklaces, gone home and looked through our own collection of necklaces. Then with great effort, we have tried to figure out a layered look that works and basically given up. Eventually, the necklaces get put away to gather some more dust and we opt for our everyday easy choice.

It can be challenging to layer correctly at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes much easier. I have had a jewelry obsession since birth and even I have struggled with this. Here are a few layered looks that work, actually REALLY work, in my opinion.


Guide to various necklace lengths

Tips for successful necklace layering ~ Using some of our gorgeous B.Béni necklaces (of course!)

1) Mix up similar shapes and themes in varying lengths    

2) Wear a mid~length necklace (18") and then a really long necklace doubled to achieve a shorter and a longer length framing the mid~length one

3) Pair up charm pendant necklaces with longer simple strands or beaded necklaces

4) Combine a couple of shorter length necklaces with a longer rosary style necklace

5) Mix up textures or even colors. Varied textures, within a metal color family add dimension and interest. Mix an engraved gold chain with a shiny and maybe a matte finish one for an blended yet interesting look. 



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