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Why We Love To Wear Inspirational Jewelry

Posted on December 16 2015

Inspirational Christian Jewelry Has Shared a Message of Faith For Centuries.



Why do so many of us enjoy wearing inspirational jewelry? Christian jewelry has an ancient past almost as old as the faith itself! Throughout time, Christian symbols have been used to communicate a message of faith and bring the worshiper closer to God. There is a very special significance to wearing this jewelry that goes well beyond anything having to do with religious beliefs or even the beauty of the pieces themselves. Many women wear these pieces as an outward expression of their faith, their love for God and to celebrate their relationship with Him.


Woman who are looking for inspirational jewelry look for pieces that speak to their heart and reflect their own unique personal spiritual journey. Pieces that touch an inner chord of their spirit, pieces that remind them of their personal growth or perhaps their spiritual victories. B.BéNI jewelry offers fun and unique bracelets and necklaces (earrings and rings will be coming soon) that offer a variety of designs and meaningful ways to express one's faith. Our own original designs have special meanings behind them which act simple reminders of cherished beliefs.


One of the most popular pieces in the B.BéNI jewelry line is our own IXOYE cross.  It is featured as an expandable, adjustable charm bangle and also in many of our necklace designs. “IXOYE” is an acronym comprised of the first letter of five Greek words:  Iesous Xristos Theou Yios Sotare (In Greek, which is why the letters are different) which means Jesus, Christ, Son of, God, Savior. The rock that in the background of the cross represents "The Lord is our rock."


As fashion trends ebb and flow, one thing remains constant : Inspirational jewelry with it's long and rich history will continue to be a favorite for many. Today, these meaningful symbols still resonate and can be found in many of our faith-inspired designs. Whether subtle or overt, they are simple reminders of cherished beliefs. For centuries past and going forward, women around the world have loved and worn jewelry that has special meaning to them, touching their own hearts as well as the hearts of others. Take a look at our jewelry here at B.BéNI and see if anything speaks to your heart ♡

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