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About Us

Welcome to B.BéNl, where old world influence meets new trends! We are a New England based inspirational jewelry company that is dedicated to providing our customers with  meaningful pieces of jewelry that will touch your heart and ignite your faith, yet be fabulous and chic enough to really rock!

Many years of experience in the jewelry industry led us to the realization that something was lacking in the world of jewelry - really spectacular inspirational jewelry that represents a woman's faith. A passion was sparked to fill that void with a line of our own unique designs.
 Each piece is our own original design starting from a simple sketch  to a CAD design  and then to a solid model. A cast piece is then made from the solid model. The final step is the plating process and the clear lacquer protective finish for durability. A lot of energy and love go into each piece! We decided on the name B.BéNl, Béni is the French word for blessed so we are saying "Be Blessed!" 

Our hope is that you will feel the love that is a part of each piece of jewelry. We hope that you will find it inspirational on a personal level as well as appreciate the deep spiritual meaning that each piece holds. In today's uncertain world faith is far more important than ever!

The jewelry is crafted in the state of Rhode Island, the jewelry capital of the USA. All of the metals, finishes, findings, clasps, gemstones & crystals are of the highest quality available. It is all hand-assembled with great care. Fashion, Faith and Quality - not necessarily in that order - is what we are all about!